Add a touch of enchantment with Dept 56 night lights

For over 3 decades Dept 56 has enchanted millions of their fans with a stunning and unique array of decorative night lights. Their astounding creations have charmed the hearts of collectors and giftware buyers around the world. The story behind setting up this wonderful enterprise is as magical as their delightful products. The inspiration and concept for the principal theme of their products was a tiny traditional village which was decorated with beautiful fairy lights echoing a backdrop of real sparkling snow. The sight triggered off a scheme of plans resulting in the origins of Dept 56, the brainchild of Bachman’s a leading Minneapolis florist.

Today, Department 56 is a pioneer force in theme oriented giftware, collectibles and decorative night lights. Their hall mark products include hand crafted and illuminated villages, snow baby collectibles and a range of dazzling home décor products. Collecting Department 56 items is a pleasurable and absorbing experience. There are no specific guidelines or starting points when you decide to collect Dept 56 items. However, if you are an earnest and methodical collector having some guidelines on which series to collect first will be helpful as you will be impatient to collect as much as possible of these wonderful creations as fast as possible.

Adults and kids alike enjoy the whimsical and magical world of Santa Clause and if you are looking for the best gift for your loved ones who believe in Santa the Department 56 night lights in the elf land and North Pole series will be the ideal choice.

For those who enjoy the old fashioned spirits of Christmas, transport your self to the olden glory days of Victorian England by selecting department 56 night lights in the series of Dickens, Christmas in the city, original snow village or New England Village.

The Department 56 array of products under the Alpine Village series are for the buyers with a European essence and the traditional Alpine setup will bring in nostalgic memories and make you feel more at home.

Their innovative and talented designers work around the clock to create evolving designs to ensure their customers have loads of joy and satisfaction when they shop for more a more Department 56 items. Christmas is a magical time and the Department 56 night lights are ensured to sustain the momentum of this enchanting time to make you and your cherished ones happier with ever lasting memories.

When you collect Department 56 night lights they will have special place in your heart and every year you will look forward to that special time, be it Christmas, Halloween or thanksgiving when you can display them in your home to create a beautiful décor with an ambience to match your moods and spirits.


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