Baby Chic and the Nursery Revolution
So, you've got a baby on the way and you're full of ideas for the new nursery... or maybe you've got no ideas, or just too many. Sit down and relax. The good news is, there are no set in stone rules anymore and nurseries don't have to conform to some idea of tradition. You can truly have some fun, and keep within the designed look and feel of the rest of your home. Yes, nurseries are going chic, so come on board!

It's not the case that cold and heartless, design-only minded parents are behind the psychology of this new movement for the chic nursery, it's moreover that practicality is playing a stronger role in the approach to the child's room. Many are opting for long-term decor that'll blend with the rest of the house and will be suitable for their newborns as they emerge into toddlerhood and beyond.

There is a movement away from the traditional pastel pinks and blues, with themes of teddy bears and all things "baby". Homeowners and new parents are opting for bold colors and contrasting geometric designs. These elements are enticing, and stimulating for the newborn, but are often transferable to the rest of your home design. Likewise, these looks are somewhat neutral and will not outgrow the child as soon as he/she realizes that teddy bears are for babies, while they're strutting their for year old, big-boy or big-girl attitudes.

Another option for the nursery is to stick to neutral tones for the paint. From here, you can add as much color as your like with bedding, pictures, mobiles and lanterns.

Of course the necessities are still there. You'll need a crib and a change table. But today there are souped up, highly modern and practical versions of these purchases on the market. You can find cribs that can transform into single beds, and change tables that have a replaceable top, to grow with your child- so you don't have to think about purchasing new items every year or so.

In terms of a theme inspired room, again many are opting for themes that are gender neutral and that can carry on through and beyond the infant years. Think under the sea, the forest and virtually anything connected to nature.

Ideally you want a place that is stimulating for your child, but nothing too alarming or distracting. Great finishing touches to consider are wall borders, colorful mobiles, throw pillows, afghans, decorative lamps and theme inspired night lights. is your real estate gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. You'll find information on Georgia mountain real estate, including beautiful Blue Ridge cabins.

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